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Growing your business

Business Loans

Business Loan Help

We can help you with loan applications

In order for your business to grow you may need to purchase new equipment, a vehicle, machinery etc.
Buying your business premises may also be an alternative to paying rent.
A business plan will be essential in securing any funding from a bank, and by preparing all of the necessary information prior to making an appointment with your Business Manager will create the right impression and get your meeting off to a positive start.
If applying for a loan is in your plans please get in touch.

Recruiting Additional Staff
Finding the right staff for your business can be daunting as the process is very time consuming and it may not even have a positive outcome!
I can manage this process for you and will work with you to find the right person for your business.
From advert to interview let me help.

Website and Social Media
In a growing business a professional website and having a regular presence on Social Networking sites is essential.
Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin are great avenues to expand your network.